WW2 British Numbered Grenades and there Accessories.

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No36 Sectioned


No68 Mk4 H.E

No68 Mk3 X

No68 Practice

No69 British

No69 Australian.

No69 Mk2 Practice

No69 with frag cups fitted X

No69 Det holder Container

2 small rivets connect two holders together

No69 Sectioned,

No70 Mk1

No70 Mk3 Drill

No73 Thermos Flask Grenade, Anti Tank

No74 Mk1 Sticky Grenade.Instruction

No 74 S.T.Mk1 HE

No74 Mk2 Instruction Grenade

No74 Mk2 Det Group.

No74 Mk2 Det Group Box X.

No74 Training Grenade & Box

End view with description

Top view of Box

No75 Mk1

No75 Mk2

Hawkins Igniter Mk1

No75 Hawkins Igniter Tin

No 75 Igniters Mk2 X

No76 SIP Incendiary or Smoke, Thin Glass

No 76 Incendiary or Smoke, Thick Glass, Used for Northover Projector and Hand Throwing

No76 Rubber practice for the northover projector

Instruction For Storage of No76 Grenades, This was inside the lid of the transport Box.

No76 Wooden Transport Box.

Albright & Wilson

AWO Oldbury

AWS Stourbridge

No77 Mk1 Canadian

ER/C Electric reduction Company of Canada

No77 Mk2

No 77 Smoke Sectioned

No77 Det Tin

No77 Det Tin Lable.

No77 Transit Box

No 80 Sectioned

No 80

No80 Smoke

No82 Gammon Grenades

No82 Gammon Grenade Practice


No83 Storage tube

No92 Drill Det Group.

1/4 Lbs Incendiary Grenade

1 1/4 Lbs Incendairy